tooth implant procedure hyattsville

Tips For Getting Dental Implants

There is a lot to be said about our teeth.  When we are born, we are given a set of teeth that will transition us from eating strained food and drinking milk to eating solid foods.  When we get to be four years old, these baby teeth fall out and are then replaced by our adult teeth.

tooth implant procedure hyattsville

This is where we really want to focus on taking care of our teeth.  If we don’t take care of our teeth they will begin to fall out and cause us pain.  It is here we will need to start looking at getting dental implants and other dental procedures.  For those looking at implants, learning about the tooth implant procedure hyattsville is a good idea.

Removing old teeth

The first step in the procedure is to remove the old teeth.  When we remove the old teeth we are allowing space for the implants to be installed.  Once the initial teeth are removed our mouth needs to heal.

Install dental plate

The next step in the process is to install a dental plate.  This dental plate is drilled into our jawbone where it will stay in place.  After this is installed our mouth will once again need to heal.  Once this is done we are able to move forward and start having the actual teeth installed.

Installing the teeth

Your teeth will be installed.  This is done by screwing in each individual tooth.  This can be a timely process but when done you will have a full set of teeth once again.


Finally, once everything is installed you will need to have your adjustments done.  These adjustments will ensure that your teeth will remain straight and comfortable in your mouth.  If you have any issues with your teeth this adjustment process will ensure that everything turns out alright.

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